Thursday, 31 May 2012

I went for a walk in Newlands forest yesterday (I still can't get over the fact that we have the ocean, mountains and forests around every corner here in Cape Town, talk about being blessed!!)
I'm so grateful for the lifestyle that I have. I live a life based on faith, trust and love. I believe in creating your own opportunities and work your butt off until it works for you. ..

Like capturing a child laughing or a moment that can't be replaced with another,while walking in the forest I was reminded of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. I was present in every step i took, I knew that certain parts of the trail were slippery so I made sure that I avoided those parts so that I wouldn't fall . I made sure I stopped every so often to look up at the massive , most beautiful trees surrounding me, to take DEEP breaths and acknowledge how lucky I am to have this surrounding that God made and to have the lifestyle I have to enjoy these moments whenever I want.
My friend on the other hand was not having the best time. She works very hard, 11 hour days of work, with 2 days rest during the week. I dragged her out of her routine to come join me and the dogs on a trail walk that I knew she would love, and is something she does'nt do often enough. Although loving nature , the exercise and beauty that surrounded her, she fell twice, was very nervous that her shoes were going to get wet and dirty, she was quite uneasy about our safety (in a very well known trail walk) and very rarely lifted her head to take notice of what was around her , I realized right away that my dear friend was not present at all and at the end of our 3 hour adventure she stopped and looked up and said 'I'v been so focused on the looking on the ground as to where i am walking that I have mostly forgotten to look up and take notice of what is around us' .  Does that not sound familiar? You know the saying 'remember to stop and smell the roses' .... We as humans, are very rarely present.

Feeling refreshed and happy after my walk on my drive home I gave much thought to what I have in my life. The time I have on my hands whether it feels like a curse at times or the biggest blessing, has shown me life from a whole new bright beautiful perspective, because I chose a life full of creativity and wonder, I don't only keep my head down, focusing only on my next step to success, worrying about my 'financial safety' in the big bad world,  making sure each step I take is carefully thought out as to not shake the 'system' or rather the 'rat race' your choice. Instead , during my days that are never the same, days that are sometimes fully booked with photography work or dj gigs, days that I may spend only taking care of my home, husband and dogs', days where I may choose to only focus on exercise or eating healthy, or days where I decide to watch dvds' or see friends. I make SURE that I say THANK YOU for the time I have , for the hundredth time I have to vacuum after my dogs ,because without them I would be sad, I say thank you for the different aspects to our personalities that my husband and I have that sometimes may drive me dilly and most times make me laugh, because how awesome it is to have such an amazing man I call my husband, and I say thank you daily for the gift of life that is so fragile, that can be gone tomorrow, that can be waisted on worry, time restrictions, corrupt business conduct, and financial stress to keep up with the joneses. 

We need to remember WHY we are here. Choose your time wisely, create your own opportunities to work around what you love, and not the other way round. Live a simple life and enjoy every moment. Love everything around you including the thing that annoys you the most.

Iv been reminded lately by some friends that, God knows the desires of our hearts, and that His Will is perfect, and when we take the time to walk in a forest, swim in the ocean or walk up a mountain, we are reminded of how beautiful life is and that it is a gift from God for us to ENJOY!

Love to you all

Friday, 25 May 2012

My moments spent with Tyla and Cailyn Poultney are always special. I'm sure we can all agree that having a bond with a sister is the best gift to receive, whether it is a blood sister or your best girl friend and if we have sisters and don't nurture that bond we will be denying something quite beautiful...

Tyla is the oldest of the two, she is wearing the pretty black dress. I love how she takes the role of big sis, I notice how she tries to protect and guide Cailyn in the smallest of things, and Cailyn will take any opportunity to show me the respect she has for Tyla ... 

The sound of a child laughing is the purest piece of heaven in my opinion. You know, the real deal laugh, no faking kinda laugh. I had the chance to hear and snap little cailyn laughing at her sister. I really love this photo for many reasons' ... Do you laugh enough in your days? 

This picture says so much to me. The love between an animal and a human, let alone a child, is so wonderful. What i see here is a silent conversation, a mutual understanding, and an instant moment of love... Tyla only just met this cat in the park, they never knew each other before this moment but they sure hit it off from first sight... 

Our little cat friend became quite popular, and what an awesome cat he was! I was a bit nervous Mr Cat would react when Cailyn decided to give him a big hug, but no , he embraced the love and so did miss cailyn

So friends, Call up your sister today and tell her why you love her, because without our sisters' who will be the ones that encourage us, support us and be our mirror in good and bad times. We all need a reflection that we can count on, the unconditional kind

Monday, 21 May 2012

You may spot a few dog photographs here and there, I do LOVE a sweet pooch in my view...

Meet Missy ..

Welcome to my very first post. I shall pop a bottle of virgin champagne and celebrate! I am showing a part of me that has decided to overtake most things in my life with a whole lot of heart, and that is my photography. 

There are many wonderfully awesome photographers out there, many of which have inspired me to take this further, to grow up and create a business out of what drives me. Why photography? Why kids? Both are so present, and correct me if I am wrong when I say that we all crave to be present on a daily basis. 

I find when I look through my lens at the moment before me, the world fades away around me , I am then completely present and in love. Being drawn to kids photography is purely because they to are present in what they do, they create stories in every moment, I am also reminded of the important things in life. The natural beauty and simplicity of a child is truly wonderful.

I hope to meet all my readers as I partake on this fun journey, creating my style, growth and that one day I can pay it forward...